Based in Nottingham, home of the iconic Sherwood Forest, Loxley Knight is a mens grooming and shaving brand that uses natural oils and high quality ingredients in all its products.  Vegan friendly and eco friendly our products use all plant based ingredients.

“Our commitment to the environment is paramount through the entire brand,  from cutting down on water use through to ensuing our packaging is waste-free and recyclable.”

About Us

With years of experience in the mens accessory market, Loxley Knight was crated by Timeless Mens Accessories LTD. Whilst retailing in mens accessories and mens grooming, we noticed a big gap in our range. We needed a product that was both vegan friendly with an emphasis on quality, natural ingredients, and sustainability, whilst at the same time remaining accessible to the gifting market in both branding and in price. Thus Loxley Knight was born ticking all the boxes. Through careful testing and development, the range of shaving soaps, body bars, and balms are designed to be gentle on the skin whilst leaving you looking and smelling great!

Interested In Becomming a Stockist?

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Signature Scents

Our signature scents have been designed and blended by us using only essential oils. We are very proud of our signature series, especially our Old English Lime. The signature series can be found in our shaving soaps, beard oils and our body bars.

Dark amber and dry musky notes give way to a blend of fresh patchouli and bergamot.

Our best seller and for good reason! A classical blend of spicy West Indian Bay and fresh lime.